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Roidmi collaborates with Witt Hvidevarer A/S, which, among other things, is our distributor and service partner regarding complaints. In order to be able to help you as best as possible with your complaint, please fill in the service form below. We will then return as soon as possible.

Roidmi service form

Notice! We will reply to this email address.

Only use this field if you want to be replyed on multiple email adresses. Otherwise leave it empty.


The serialnumber is found on the product as a QR code.
You can scan it here by uploading an image
Or you can scan it with a QR scanner and write the serialnumber directly in the field. You can find a QR scanner in AppStore or Google Play.
The serialnumber can be found here on all models

Max 500 characters.

Important! Please check the following before you submit the form:

  • Is the product fully charged?
  • Has the mouthpiece been cleaned of hair / dirt ?
  • Is the dust container emptied & filters washed?
  • Is there anything stuck in the mouthpiece / tube?
Any help for the above can be found in the user manual.
The retailer/costumer will from Witt's technical department be informed about whether the error can be solved by sending the customer a spare part, or whether the product must be sent in for service.

The product may NOT be sent to Witt's technical department, WITHOUT agreement with Witt. Remember to enclose a service form, as well as a copy of the purchase receipt when submitting.

The retailer/customer will continuously be informed about the service process.