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Roidmi Service Requisition

We will reply to the email entered here


The serialnumber can be found on the product as a QR code.
You can either scan it directly here, by uploading an image of the QR code here.
Or you can scan it with a QR scanner and write the serialnumber directly into the field. You can download a QR scanner for your phone in AppStore or Google Play.
The serialnumber can be found here on all models

Max 500 characters.

Note: You are required to show the technician the purchase receipt at the service call.
Important: Please note that service calls not covered by the guarantee e.g. no defects confirmed by the technician, user inflicted defects, misuse, abuse and negligence will be invoiced the customer and collected by the technician at the end of the service call. Unnecessary transportation costs should the customer not be home on agreed date and time will also be invoiced the customer.